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Color Coordination Advice for the Fashionable Male

One of the most common problems men face when dealing with wardrobe issues is their lack of knowing which colors work together. I’m not sure why. It isn’t like all men are born colorblind or anything but take a walk around a men’s clothing store and you’ll undoubtedly hear a few guys asking their wives or girlfriends questions such as does this tie match or what color shirt goes with these pants? It’s these kinds of confusing questions which make the lives of every man so difficult.

I’ll admit that coordinating colors can be tricky sometimes business but unfortunately it is something that all men must learn to do on their own. It’s another reason why it is so important for men to understand the general rules of thumb to prevent you from being that guy everyone is looking at for the wrong reasons. Here is your chance to prove to the world around you that you cab dress nice with some pretty savvy color coordination skills necessary. Here are just a few pieces of advice White goes with everything When all your other fashion choices fail to make a statement go with white. A nice clean white shirt can be worn with nearly anything you own especially those oddly colored items you’re not sure what to match with. Wear a white shirt with a bright patterned tie for new look or wearing it under a pastel colored V neck sweater is another hot new trend. Throughout centuries a well fitting white shirt is timeless worth its weight in gold and sure to keep you on the front line of fashion.

Gray complements bright colors – Are you looking for a few new ways to experiment with color? Try some gray. It works wonders for dulling down vivid colors actually almost any color out there. So if you ever get the urge to add some color to your wardrobe without going overboard wear something gray. It can be pants sweater or even a jacket just as long as it offsets the boldness of stronger brighter colors. You will earn some kudos for the stylish use of color plus it makes you smart and sophisticated just from a color that is cool classic and chic.

Never wear colored pants – It does not matter or how important you may think you. You should never ever wear colored pants. Pants are the one part of your clothing attire that should never have a good mixture of colors. Loud colored pants are obnoxious and make. One quick test is if your pants get more attention than your shirt or tie then they are too loud. Your pants provide the foundation for all of your outfits and should always look understated polished and refined.

Wear complementary colors – Complimenting colors will garner you complements from everyone. Complementary colors are ones directly opposite one another on the color wheel. A few examples would be red and green yellow and purple blue and orange. Matching complementary colors shows you are confident and a knowledgeable dresser.
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High-Fashion Jewelry for Teens